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Ladder Logic Fundamentals and Programming Examples - PLC Tutorial

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Ladder Logic Fundamentals and Programming Examples - PLC Tutorial

Logical continuity vs. electrical continuity
I/O Mapping
Mastering examine onon and examine off instructions
The PLC scanning process

PLC Programming Languages

  • In the United States, ladder logic is the most popular
    method used to program a PLC
  • This course will focus primarily on ladder logic programming
  • Other programming methods include:
    … Function block diagrams (FBDs)
    … Structured text (ST)
    … Instruction List (IL)
    … Sequential function charts (SFCs)

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PLC programming languages
Anatomy of a ladder program
Logic functions

Anatomy of a Ladder Program


  • Input instructions are entered on the left
  • Output instructions are entered on the right
  • The power rails simulate the power supply lines
    L1 and L2 for AC circuits and +24 v and ground for DC circuits
  • Most PLCs allow more than one output per rung
  • The processor (or “controller”) scans ladder rungs from top-to-bottom and from left-to-right.
    The basic sequence is altered whenever jump or subroutine instructions are executed.

Logic Functions

  • PLC programming is a logical procedure
  • In a PLC program, “things” (inputs and rungs) are either TRUE or FALSE
    If the proper input conditions are TRUE:The rung becomes TRUE and an output action occurs (for example, a motor turns on)
    If the proper input conditions are not TRUE:The rung becomes FALSE and an output action does not occur
  • Ladder logic is based on the following logic functions:
    AND,  OR,  Sometimes called “inclusive OR”, Exclusive OR.


and logic ladder diagram plc tutorial course

exlusive or function logic plc tutorial

example and logic function plc tutorial

For much more download  here (PLC Downloads -> Usefull PLC PDF's -> Ladder Logic Fundamentals PLC tutorial).


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i required more information to teach programming so,please help me
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I have a Robopack 1010 casing machine. I am not PLC litterate I am in need of a functional ladder program. Any help would be appreciated.
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design a ladder diagram for following condition. in a car manufacturing company a car is to painted shell body of car to be washed for 1 min and after washing is dipped in a chemical solution for 2 min after chemical dip a counter is used to count the no of cars painted and after 5 cars the counter generates an alarm
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i need logo pdf wright some basic file
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writing logic easy but in output is difficult
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i want to learn plc ladder diagrams using simple concepts,please giving some simple examples

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